Epoxy For Marble

Marble’s tremendous porosity makes it vulnerable to more serious damage, like being easily chipped, cracked or leading to breakage. There are different compounds that can be used to repair your marble’s cracks. Many professionals prefer regular epoxy glue or professional marble repair epoxy as it can be blended with different colors to make a seamless appearance to the repairs as opposed to a masonry or mortar type repair material.

When pieces become separated the edges should be wiped down with an acetone. There are two precautions that must be followed – 1st, ensuring that there’s no excess glue on the surface, which will mar the stone after the glue has hardened; and 2nd, make sure you apply a sufficient amount of pressure, for a long enough period of time to ensure a perfect joining. Epoxy glue is used to stick the pieces back into place where actual pieces of marble have broken away. This is a fairly straight forward process which works much better with marble than with many other materials.

Next step is filling the area with epoxy that matches the color of your marble. After the epoxy has properlre cured (usually about 24 hours), you need to sand it down to the oriinal surface level of the marble or stone, and then to use finer grit until it gets a nice finish which looks as near to factory’s finish as possible. This isn’t considered a DIY project. That is why a professional Marble contractor should be contacted for this type of repair.