Have Your Marble Floors Cleaned and Polished Properly

Marble Polishing can be a tricky task, many temporary workers who utilize outsider taking shape specialist on your floor that looks extraordinary for a couple of months, and afterward it gradually destroys the marble’s composite, this is not how one goes about properly cleaning marble floors. Using the right marble contractor with the correct equipment can save you time, money and headaches. You have to remember that marble is a relatively soft stone. It is made up of naturally occurring minerals; a professional can bring out that beautiful shine without sacrificing certain minerals. Quick and easy solutions will cost you after that chemical eats through certain minerals and shine fades, then you will be paying big bucks for a deep restoration. Call your local professional contractor today for a free estimate.

Professional Marble Repair, Polishing Or Restroration

It comes in a wide range of colors and variations and is used in such things as sculpture as well as architecture and a building material for thousands of years, but it’s main use is in flooring. Your marble floor polishing contractor will explain all the necessary steps required for restoring your marble floors, call them today to learn more.

When it comes to marble repair, there are many different types of marble and each needs to be addressed for it’s unique properties. Pure white marble is the result of metamorphism of very pure limestone. Green tinge is frequently a serpentine example coming about because of high magnesium content in the limestone with included silica polluting influences. These different pollutions have been activated and re-solidified by the extraordinary weight and warmth of the transformative nature. Marble needs to be cared for properly. If it is neglected and abused, the natural beauty of the Marble will not be preserved. It is important to use a qualified marble polishing contractor when performing your regular 5-7 year maintenance to prevent excessive wear and damage.

New marble should always be sealed with a penetrating sealer to help prevent these cracks and chips from starting. A few applications of sealer may be needed on aged Marble which should be applied twice a year for better sealing power. This builds the protection necessary to prevent damage. Contact your local marble floor polishing contractor and they will help you with all your marble floor maintenance issues and give you an expert analysis of what restoration needs you may need.

Professional Marble Restoration equipment can remove scratches in the marble by doing what’s called Diamond Polishing, this is very similar to Concrete Polishing. Your local contractor has different sorts of polishing pads, produced using resin and metal (example diamond polishing pads) specifically made for the project, and the marble is gently brought back to a smooth shiny slip resistant finish. Knowing the right products and procedures for each stone, polishing will bring back the original luster. Marble Honing is a method used to remove lippage (high edges) and scratches, this process is often used with limestone products and can make the marble a low luster finish, while taking away the shine found on the marble’s edge, helping to keep the imperfect edge from standing out. Contact your local marble floor cleaning contractor for a free estimate, he will explain more to you in 20 minutes than you could ever hope to find on the internet.

Marble repair, (using epoxy) with an array of different tints, begins with filling in all holes or chips and matching the feel and look of the marble. When an epoxy is used for repairing marble floors (as opposed to grout) it looks as though the marble was never damaged and is smooth and even to the surface. Using a sealing agent seals all marble and this preserves the life of the marble tremendously, and prevents future damage.

Lippage removal is a process to correct uneven marble surfaces left from installation. A lot of times marble tiles can be higher in different areas of the floor, this is situation is known as lippage. This is done by grinding down the areas. Some projects might call for a simple Grout Cleaning while others require re-grouting, where the contractor has to remove all of the old grout and replaces it with a color of the color of your choice. In some cases wax has been applied to the stone. This is detrimental not only the look of your stone but the life of it as well. The wax covers the marble making it impossible for the stone to breath. If wax is on the floor or other surface, then using strong cleaners made for marble and stone, use a scrub brush attachment to remove the wax build up, which is called stripping, all marble is left spotless. Using a stripper, all wax is stripped clean, and the marble can breathe.

Having an expert restore your Marble Floors by pounding, stripping, fixing, and cleaning will bring back the brilliance and magnificence of your marble floor. The estimate is free, and you’ll learn more in 20 minutes from an actual professional than you could ever hope to find here on the internet, they can even fix other contractors mistakes.


    Our Services

    If you lust the lust and shine in your marble it’s time to call Marble Polishing Singapore for a free estimate. We have a new less abrasive system that is dust free and will bring back the original shine might be just the thing for your marble.

    We are knowledgeable about marble, limestone, stone, terrazzo, cleaning, granulating, sharpening, fixing in Singapore. Fixing of characteristic stone is very unique at that point fixing different sorts of floors. When fixing wooden floors for instance a defensive coat is added to the outside. When fixing stone the pores in the stone, or the space between the gems that make up the stone are loaded up with the sealant with no hint of sealant on the external surface, the motivation behind this procedure is to prevent fluids from saturating the stone and recoloring it.

    What the Grinding is doing is cutting the harsh edges of the stone by scratching it and as the precious stone decreases and littler the scratches become better until they are tiny. What you end up is an exceptionally smooth surface to your store.

    Crystallization is a chemical transformation of the floor surface, similar to the conventional polishing of marble. A machine fuses the cleaning mixes on a perfect, dry surface to deliver a reestablished floor surface.

    Honing is when you smooth the marble floor with diamonds, which bring up more shine to the marble. Honing will also remove light scratches, stains and give a great appearance. In some cases honing is all you need to bring back the natural shine.

    What Our Clients Saying

    • Our countertops look awesome. Much appreciated again for wonderful work done.
      Aric Chang
    • Very efficient and prompt service. I'm so glad I found Marble Polishing Singapore
      Apple Wong
    • It is rare to come across someone who takes so much pride, works so hard, and is dedicated to providing the customer the absolute care when working in their home.
      Engel Chin
    • The entirety of the stains left our kitchen marble floors, and they look more cleaned than when they were new!
      Pauline Khoo
    • They were on time for the most part and they cleaned up very well when they finished. All of my phone calls and emails were responded to quickly and it was a very stress-free experience. Thanks to them I can see my reflection through my marble floor and it hasn’t looked this good in many years.
      Maggie Wong
    • I just had my marble floor restored by the Marble Polishing Singapore and they exceeded my expectations. This was a process that I dreaded. The team showed up as schedule and they gave me an overview of what should I expect and they really did a wonderful job.
      Kelvin Lim
    • I had my marble floors polished about 11 months ago and I was not satisfied with the results to form the company I hired. As time went on I just could not look at my floors any longer and called Marble Polishing Singapore. They really gave my floors a new life.
      Clay Yip

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